What is Proquestor?

Proquestor is a process management system built by Stachanov. It is applicable to any work process that benefits from:

  • A structured work method
  • Deadline management
  • Multiple-users authorisation
  • User profiles with varying levels of operation
  • Transparency
  • A paperless work environment
  • ISO-worthy information security

Proquestor’s application potential is as broad as the term “process” is

How does Proquestor work?

Any process can be seen as a journey from A to B – a train ride, for example. Some trips only last ten minutes, without the necessity of switching trains. But most trips are more complex than that…

The tracks can have switches, enabling the train to move in the direction of X, Y, or Z. Halfway through the trip a section of the train could be disengaged, or it could be that conductors are changed somewhere along the line. Maybe the route Washington – New York can only be driven by a specific engine driver.

This process, with all its possibilities, is drawn up in a workflow that cannot be deviated from, just as a train cannot deviate from its tracks.

The railway company wants to be able to see who has driven what route and which stations have been passed at what time. 

It is essential within any organization to keep a grip on its most important processes.

To know for certain that tasks are carried out on time and efficiently, and by whom, is important information to management.

Proquestor guarantees adherence to the audit trail principle, a clear overview, and a firm grip on control.


Your process, with all its possible routes, is put to a workflow. This is done in co-operation with the users in order to guarantee compliance. Then users and their possible actions are defined, after which the forms are designed. The process structure has now been set up.

Additional functionalities are:

    • Up- and downloading documents
    • Notifications through email, SMS, or letter
    • Reports
    • Authorisation matrices 
    • Productivity records
    • Graphs
    • Widgets
    • Mobile applications

Tailor made

Proquestor is completely tailor-made. Additionally, the user can define flexible reports themselves.

Custom Dashboard

Proquestor contains a dashboard with neatly ordered deadlines, to-dos, customized for multiple teams, and relevant information about your processes.

Quality first

Both we and our hosting partners are ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certified.

Outstanding support

Proquestor contains a highly detailed manual in a Wiki-environment.