What is Proquestor Achmea?

Proquestor Achmea is a process management system built by Stachanov to archive the service requests and activities by informal care givers, operative under Achmea’s wing, efficiently. Achmea is an umbrella organisation for health insurance providers in The Netherlands.


How is Proquestor Achmea built?

Proquestor Achmea is completely web-based, and works following a workflow with a need-to-know, right-to-change method of operation. This ensures that only the essential information and actions are available to each user.


How has Stachanov implemented this for Achmea?

It all starts with the existing operating procedures outlined in the GRC. This is an internal protocol stipulating the work methods of the institution, Achmea in this case. With some organisations this is a polished handbook, for others such a clearly written procedure might still be absent.

To build Proquestor Achmea, we worked together with Achmea to come to a complete GRC. That has subsequently been translated to a workflow that makes up the core of Proquestor Achmea. It follows that Proquestor Achmea is completely tailor-made.


How does Proquestor Achmea work?

The client’s GRC determines the exact configuration of our platform. What are the inputs and outputs and how do they relate to each other? Who can do what within the system? Which forms and steps are important to what people? The answers to these questions co-create the custom-built workflow.

All steps and documentation within the system are done through PDF-file submission. These are distributed on a need-to-know basis, which means that only the relevant steps and documentation are visible to the relevant persons at the appropriate times. 


Workflow example:

What does Proquestor Achmea adhere to?

Proquestor Achmea adheres to all important laws and bylaws, and guarantees that Achmea, informal care givers, and care recipients enjoy an efficient realisation of good health.


What makes Proquestor Achmea unique?

  • Proquestor Achmea serves Achmea with an all-inclusive archive that gives a clear and full scope of informal caregivers and their activities.
  • Proquestor Achmea is almost exclusively built using open-source elements. As a result, the system is much more cost-effective than other systems, which require expensive licenses to be built.
  • The bookkeeping is fully integrated. Nothing happens outside of the system.


Why is Stachanov so well-equipped to be build this?

Stachanov is a team of highly qualified information engineers that have constructed a triple-A platform in a relatively short time period. The system adheres to all ISO standards, which ensures Achmea and her informal care activities remain secure and efficient.


Why is Stachanov so suitable to maintain this?

Implementation is a completely different playing field than servicing and hosting. Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, are taken seriously by us and meticulously executed. This means, very concretely, that maintenance tasks, such as performance monitoring and periodic availability reporting, are performed at scheduled moments as stipulated in the SLAs.

Our help desk consists of experts that know Achmea through and through, and are accessible through phone and email 9 hours per day. It follows from the availability reports for all Proquestor installations that Stachanov realised an up-time of 99,7% in 2013.

Service matters such as hosting, functional help, internet management, change management, and service request management all adhere to strict procedures that are completely clear, transparent and accessible to the client. The client can, at all times, see what we’re working on through Jira, our workload management system.

In addition, we take care of the following backups simultaneously:


1.Daily, four-hour mirroring of the database at “location A”

2.Weekly backups of the system and database at “location B”

3.Monthly hard-disc backups of the system and database in a safe at “secret location C”

4.Monthly transferal of the system and database to live pseudo Escro at “location D”

5.Quarterly hand-over of a physical DVD with the backups of the database to Achmea


“Location A” runs two systems: the acceptance environment and the product environment. This ensures that changes only take effect when the client is satisfied with them.