Stachanov hosts and supports the Proquestor implementation on the technical as well as the functional level, in the public as well as the private sector.


  • The most important implementations have been realised for Achmea, the Dutch Social Security Bank, and the European Commission. Both Stachanov and our hosting partners are ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certified. Thanks to our many successful Proquestor implementations, we’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the fields of professional company analyses, compliance frameworks for the public sector, and access- and authorisation policies as well as information security. All implementations contain the following functionalities:
  • Completely web-based access systems with open standards, accessible through a user portal with custom-built user authentication. The system additionally presents dashboards with deadlines and to-dos to the user, suited for work groups also.
  • Relevant information is available on a need-to-know basis, with input validation for financial as well as other data, and an intelligent, self-enriching database. There is an extensive system to attribute authorisation levels to roles, workflow steps, workflow actions, documents, reports, escalation levels, and the authorisation management itself. 
  • The life cycle of entities (projects, files, subsidy requests, patients, clients, students, loan applications, etcetera) is tailor-made, drawing from the underlying GRC and compliance demands.
  • Financial & management accounting modules, with flexible, custom-built reports generable by the end user.
  • Form management is done with a pdf and activepdf server.
  • Hosting on an ISO-27001 certified co-location and data encryption through SSL-encryption.